Thank you, you magnificent bastards

Dungeon Bringer's a hit!

I can’t thank all of you awesome readers enough. Dungeon Bringer broke into the top 1000 of all books on Amazon. That means I’ll get to eat something other than ramen noodles for the next few weeks, for which my digestive system thanks you profusely.

Dungeon Bringer 2 is with my fine editors as we speak, and writing for Dungeon Bringer 3 is well underway. I’ll post release dates here when I’ve got ’em, and you’ll be able to find the preorders on the front page of the site as well.

Thank you again for letting me live the dream of telling lies for a living. I love writing Dungeon Bringer, and can’t wait to bring you more of Clay’s story. I’ve got big plans for the dungeon lord and his guardians, so stay tuned!

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