Dungeon raiders, cat women, and hackers

Dungeon Bringer Lives!

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Dungeon Bringer 1 is ready for your reading pleasure. Here are five important facts you should know before you dive in:

1. Yeah, There’s Sex

You can’t really have a book filled with fierce cat women, dark elves, dungeons, and a dude from earth without someone hooking up. I’d say the sexy times in Dungeon Bringer are R-rated, but you won’t see the particulars of how Tab A gets into Slot B.

But it happens. It totally happens.

2. Violence. We has it.

There’s a dungeon, filled with monsters. Some cartel thugs. A group of wannabe badasses with swords who try to take away the good guy’s stuff. So, yeah, people get burned, stabbed, slashed, poisoned, and even drowned.

I’d call this stuff a pretty Hard R when it comes to ratings. It’s not splatterpunk, but it’s definitely on the Conan side of combat.

3. This is a complete book. Honest.

I know it’s kind of the cool kid thing to do these days, but there isn’t a cliffhanger in this book. Yes, there will be more adventures with the Dungeon Bringer and his lovely ladies, but you’re not going to get literary blue balls at the end of Book 1.

I promise!

But, just so you know, more books in this series are already written. I wouldn’t leave you hanging.

4. It’s got game!

If you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll find some cool bits and bobs for you in this book. In fact, you could take some of the stuff in here and drop it straight into your weekly tabletop game with 0 effort (unless you’re still playing the d20 version or earlier. Sorry, no backwards-compatibility patches. Yet).

But if you’re not a gamer, that’s cool, too. You won’t be alienated by endless pages of numbers. Scout’s honor.

5. This book is fun.

No lie. This book was fun to write¬†because I wanted it to be fun to read. It’s not a comedy, but there are plenty of bits in here that’ll make you laugh and plenty that will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s the literary equivalent of a thrill ride, so buckle up, buddy.

Let’s get this show on the road.

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