Witch King 1

Heal the world, or die trying.

All Kyr ever wanted was to become a peaceful shaman in service to the Sevenfold Empire. But when his vision quest binds his core to the ferocious crimson bear, the young shaman discovers that he must face a much more dangerous challenge than a few sick villagers. A vile corruption is spreading through the world, threatening to utterly consume it.

With only his trusty war club and his wits to guide him, Kyr must contend with the Emperor’s elite headhunters, treacherous outlaws, and seductive spirits to purge the infection that threatens the land.

Witch King is a cultivation harem novel featuring a headstrong protagonist, deadly enemies, explicit scenes of steamy good times, and buckets of crazy action. Pick up this brand new series from Nick Harrow, bestselling author of the Dungeon Bringer Series! 

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