Dungeon Bringer 3

Claim a settlement. Build your defenses. Go to war.

Clay Knight never asked to be Lord Rathokhetra, and he certainly never wanted to rule his own city. But when his dungeon’s advancement is blocked by the need for a support village, Clay has to claim the Kahtsinka Oasis and lead it to prosperity.

He also has to contend with unhappy merchants, persistent beggars, a satyr who won’t take no for an answer, and threatening emissaries from the far-off King of Kyth.

With trouble brewing both inside and outside his city’s walls, Clay must forge unlikely alliances with enemies old and new, all while watching over his fierce female guardians and mastering his strange new dungeon lord abilities.

Read the third installment in the bestselling Dungeon Bringer series now for a triple shot of unique base building, brutal bad guys, and ferocious monster girls!

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